1 hour agoMartinez, CA(24 miles)Items Wanted
Do you have medium or a little larger corrugated moving boxes you don't need? Needed almost immediately... I appreciate it!
5 hours agoAlameda, CA(12 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a working CD player. Doesn't have to be portable, but that would be ok as well. Also doesn't have to have speakers! Thanks!
9 hours agoOakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
I d love any succulents anyone has to spare! Thanks.
Looking for any supplies or equipment needed for panther chameleon. Need anything from lighting equipment to an aquarium tank or cage. Thank you
16-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
I would like a string or multiple strings of "Christmas lights"-- the kind you hang around your ceiling / wall
16-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for sofa/futon to sit and sleep on. Not bulky upholstery but minimalist like mid-century modern. Need arms. Dimensions: usable seating width, approx. 67" depth of seating area, approx 22"
15-Jun-2018Burlingame, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, If you happen to have an old T-mobile phone that you don't need, I could use one. It doesn't matter how old it is. Just washed my 12 year old Nokia in the washing machine. Thank you.
15-Jun-2018Berkeley, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a light fixture for over my kitchen sink Thank you!
15-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for an outdoor locking storage cabinet/container. No larger than 4'L x 2' D x 5'H, but smaller would be fine.
15-Jun-2018Berkeley, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Working with a disabled senior artist with gallery of his art on a broken down old windows computer. Need newer computer, but first need to back up all his photos of his life's work.
15-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
My cognitively impaired senior client is using an old Gateway Windows laptop - busted screen so feeding into an external monitor, but so old many functions don't work. Any suggestions or offer of a replacement? - we've been to Best Buy and new windows computers are too complicated.
15-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Hi Freecyclers, My organization just moved and we are in need of: - a working fridge (full size) - sectional couch - any indoor plants, large preferred Thank you! jules
15-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Long plane trip next month - would love a comfy neck pillow and an inflatable seat pillow - can pick-up Bay Area wide.
15-Jun-2018Redwood City, CA(23 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking several moving boxes, as we're moving soon. Thanks so much!
14-Jun-2018Redwood City, CA(23 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) and lenses in working condition please. Trying to rekindle my passion for photography. Thank you.
14-Jun-2018Alameda, CA(12 miles)Items Wanted
Acrylic paint/ brushes/ art supplies.I already posted a wanted for this earlier but I did it from the wrong email. So sorry.
14-Jun-2018Berkeley, CA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Hoping to find a DSL router I can use for 4 months until Sonic brings fiber to my street in October.
13-Jun-2018Alameda, CA(12 miles)Items Wanted
Acrylic paints, paintbrushes/ art supplies needed. Thanks :)
13-Jun-2018Oakland, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, Looking for storage containers with lids if anyone has extras and not using... Thanks
ISO of, need by June 22, thanks!
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