Hello, I am looking for a roommate, in downtown San Francisco not too far from Academy of Art University. A little bit about me: I am Indian, I am in my early twenties. I am an artist. I have a thing for good aesthetics, I am an advertising student and discussions of an advertisement that stunned you is always welcome. I am pure veg
I m a responsible and clean person. I am a gamer, but not the stereotypical kind. I m not loud or messy. I shower daily, and I m very organized.
Hi! I am moving to sf in August and will be working in the financial district! Looking for a roommate or a few to help make my new city feel like home! I like things pretty quite during the week but like to do more on the weekends. I love to cook, workout and chill after work with a glass of wine!
I m looking for work in the creative field and the Bay Area is where all opportunities are at. I want to hustle and pave my own way.
I am 25, looking to move to SF this next year. I am a career driven person so I am home short periods. I have two adorable cats named Katniss and Primrose. I also would be bringing all my furniture for a living room that is brand new and am open to female and male roommates.
I am a responsible and hardworking young adult who is looking for the right fit once I turn 18 this October. I have a sweet maltipoo who will be accompanying me as well. Contact me if you think I d be a good fit for you.
I am fresh out of college but I function like a 45 year old (meaning I'm not a crazy partier). I am clean, organized, and respectful of shared spaces. I would like to believe I'm funny, I am a lot like JD from Scrubs. I will be moving to SF August 1st for a job with Gap Inc as a Merchandising Assistant, so I will be working M-F 9-5. I want a relaxing place to come home to on the weekdays. On we...
My name is Sada, and I recently have been hired as a sales associate at an art gallery in San Francisco. I am also going to be working part time as a waitress. I just received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Pittsburg Kansas. I am born and raised in Kansas City so I am used to living in a city area. I am moving to California at the end of August to start both of my jobs in the bay area. I am seekin...