Looking for calm environment where possible to read I am willing to help keep a place clean, well cared for. Would s appreciate peaceful tomes, so i may have independence to study. Am a vegetarian Cross my fingers!
My name is Tatyana i am currently living with my parents I m so ready to move out and see what s out there on my own . I m humble , smart , organized,social, employed and outgoing .
Hi! My name is Ray and I am looking for a space closer to San Francisco for convenience to my job and also to move to the next step of my life! I am pursuing fashion, while working full time in San Francisco! I have a lot of interests, including music, fashion, health and art !!
Hey! I am Ariana, I'm originally from LA, California but I moved to Seattle last year and then moved out in search of a more culturally diverse city where no one knows me, San Francisco seems to be the place, I guess. I am a fashion student, trying to design my own line at the moment but no work will be done in the apartment so that wouldn't be a problem.
Im an easy going person, I like sewing, cooking, baking, the occasional glass of wine, good and bad movies, comics, and gaming. I'm clean, pretty quiet and do want to get a pet eventually.
Am quiet, reflective, calm, and like a peaceful environment. Educated, art to sciences, enjoy reading, am independent, vegetarian (Trader Joe s a fav. of mine). Berkeley, 25 yrs, and NYC for 7 years. Have done a bit of world traveling. Now looking for a stable, calm rental.
Hey my name is imani Im a second year at san Francisco state i am a fun clean person who likes photography i need a space to rest my head and a quite place to study.